Clips of the “On The Lot” judges discussing Adam’s films.  The judges gave Adam the highest praise of any filmmaker on the show.  Every episode, they chose their favorite film of the night; at least one chose Adam as their favorite filmmaker every time he made a film.

A military man wakes up in a very strange place.  One of the short films directed by Adam that premiered nationwide primetime on FOX.  Reviewers called Army Guy “brilliant,” “Fellini-esque,” and “innovative, freaky, and fantastic.”

Adam has directed over 200 short films, commercials, and TV pieces.  Here are a few favorites.

Adam’s thesis film for the directing program at USC Film School.  Winner of festival awards around the country.

The west coast rap battle response to SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” / “Chronic of Narnia” rap. One of youtube’s first viral hits seen by over 3 million people and featured on VH1, Bravo, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and many other places.  Adam is the guy with the beard who isn’t the star of USA’s “Royal Pains.”

The story of Andrew Jacobs, a man who does not speak.  After it first aired on FOX, reviewers called it “a delightful, charming film with an optimistic message.” Starring Mark Feuerstein (“Royal Pains”).

A 13-episode digital series Adam directed for Google / Niantic Labs (makers of Pokemon Go) to advertise their “Ingress” mobile game. Passionate players launch their secret missions to control the world. “Amazing Race” for the smartphone era.

The Walking Dead hired Adam to create a series of viral films for their live Walking Dead Escape experience.

A top secret package addressed to a military base accidentally gets delivered to a suburban couple.

A proof-of-concept teaser for a narrative TV drama called “Flipside."

The case you are about to see is real. The people are real. The grievances are real. The courtroom is fake, but it looks real. When geeks can no longer settle their differences amicably, there remains only one forum where justice can be served. This is Nerd Court.

Another piece Adam directed for Jimmy Kimmel, this one a scripted/documentary hybrid.

2016 Disney pilot. Three brothers are bitten by a vampire during their debut concert in 1957. Coming soon. Read more about Forever Boys here.

An epic Disney action comedy series that follows the adventures of four teenagers and their giant fighting robot.

A classic adventure story about what happens when imagination becomes reality.